In the photo: Mayor of Brampton His Worship Patrick Brown (third from left) with other Canadian political leaders and Kenyan Canadian Association (KCA) officials cuts a commemoration cake during the First Kenya Flag Raising Ceremony and 56th Kenya Independence Day Celebration held on December 14 2019 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.




About Us

Kenyan Canadian Association - KCA is a federal not-for-profit organization that seeks to address the issues affecting Canadians of Kenyan origin while assisting newcomers to settle and make a positive contribution in the society as they endeavor to achieve their goals.

KCA also focuses on implementing programs and offering services to newcomers, low-income families, visible minorities and communities of African descent or origin residing in Canada to improve their personal well-being and social-economic status.

KCA aims to work collaboratively with organizations and stakeholders through our grassroots network across the country.

Our programs include:

1. Women & Gender 
2. Health
3. Newcomer Settlement 
4. Sports & Recreation
5. Socio-Economic Empowerment
6. Youth Outreach
7. Arts & Culture 
8. Education
& Careers

KCA aims to work collaboratively with organizations and stakeholders through our grassroots network across the country.

KCA is in the process of constituting the Board of Directors as well as the Council made of representatives from various provinces and territories for the period 2020 - 2022.

KCA has 11 Board of Directors positions, 18 Council positions and an Honorary Patron position. All positions are voluntary for a period of 3 years and are renewable through re-appointment.

Open KCA Board of Directors Positions:

KCA would like to fill the Board positions with Canadians who have the following core skills and competences to help in formulation and implementation of key programs and deliver services to the members.

Board members hold quarterly meetings but maintain constant contact with the President and their colleagues.

A Board member is expected to have the following core competencies:

- Possess relevant educational background or extensive experience in similar position or work area.
- Sound knowledge of strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation and project management is an advantage
- Self-starter and motivated
- Excellent oral and written communication skills
- Teamwork and cooperation
- Planning and organizing skills
- Leadership and People management skills
- Ability to manage external relationships in professional manner
- Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, social media and other relevant computer applications and systems is a definite asset.

The following are the open Board of Directors positions:

1. Director - Women and Gender Affairs
2. Director - Arts, Culture & Music (Filled)
3. Director - Sports & Recreation (Filled)
4. Director - Youth Outreach (Filled)
5. Director - Newcomers Settlement (Filled)
6. Director - Socio-economic Empowerment
7. Director - Health (Filled)
8. Director - Education & Career Services
9. Director - Corporate Affairs
10. Director - Resource Mobilization
11. Director - Communications (Filled)

Open KCA Honorary Patron Position:

Honorary Patron shall be someone who, due to his/her public achievement, exemplification of outstanding leadership, and stature in society, can help KCA achieve its mission by enhancing the organization's credibility, and by modeling different ideals of leadership.

Purpose of the role

KCA would like the Honorary Patron to support our goal of increasing the reach and scale of our work. We wish to have an influential individual who has a passion for our work and has the potential to open new doors not just to help raise funds for KCA but also to raise awareness.

It is hoped that the Honorary Patron will facilitate new corporate partnerships and help forge relationships with key stakeholders. The role is flexible but there is an expectation that the Honorary Patron will attend atleast one event per year on behalf of KCA, which may involve talking about our work. It may be on occasion that TV and Press reporters might be present. KCA will provide a briefing beforehand about the event and the audience. As an ‘influencer’, the Honorary Patron should be happy to speak to the press and TV and use social media to help raise awareness, spread campaign/appeal messages and encourage others to become involved. The Honorary Patrons won’t be expected to attend the Board meetings or have an input to the strategic planning unless officially requested by the Board.

Role Description

- Commitment and enthusiasm for KCA and its objectives
- Willingness to promote KCA where appropriate opportunities present themselves in the course of their everyday roles
- Ability to communicate effectively and passionately to a variety of audiences


The Honorary Patron will be supported by the President and other assigned KCA officials. We will frequently provide information about KCA as required. We will keep Honorary Patron up-to-date with developments that relate to our programs, events and community projects.

Open KCA Council Positions:

The KCA council is composed of the President and Regional Chairs from across all provinces and territories in Canada.

The role of Regional Chairs is to be the official representatives of KCA at the grassroots level and act as our point of contact. The Regional Chair will also help the Board of Directors in program implementation as well as service delivery at the region they represent.

Key competency for a Regional Chair is the ability to communicate via social media platforms and attend periodic meetings through various communication channels including Facebook Live, WhatsApp and teleconferencing.

The Regional Chair should also be well-versed in their area of jurisdiction and be able to work with the local community and various stakeholders at the regional level. Prior community engagement experience is a definite asset.

The following are the open positions at the KCA Council:

1. Regional Chair, GTA East
2. Regional Chair, GTA Central (Toronto) (Filled)
3. Regional Chair, GTA West
4. Regional Chair, Hamilton
5. Regional Chair, Niagara Falls
6. Regional Chair, London
7. Regional Chair, Ottawa
8. Regional Chair, Quebec
9. Regional Chair, Edmonton
10. Regional Chair, Calgary
11. Regional Chair, British Columbia
12. Regional Chair, Manitoba
13. Regional Chair, Saskatchewan
14. Regional Chair, Northern Territories
15. Regional Chair, Newfoundland and Labrador
16. Regional Chair, PEI - Prince Edward Island
17. Regional Chair, New Brunswick
18. Regional Chair, Nova Scotia

How to Express Your Interest:

- All positions are VOLUNTARY for a term of 3 years with possibility of extension.
- The positions are open to ALL CANADIANS. Canadians of Kenyan origin or African heritage are encouraged to apply. 
- Please send as a summary of your skills and experience. Also include a brief statement of what you plan to do once appointed to the position as well as your expectations from the organization to help in your mandate to deliver.

- Expressions of interest should be submitted via email to:

The President
Board of Directors
Kenyan Canadian Association (KCA)
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

- Please indicate the position you are applying for as the subject of your email.  
- Those who shall be appointed will be notified within two weeks after the closure of the application period. 
- KCA will make every effort to reach out to all those who will express their interest to serve.
- All appointed officials shall be required to sign and adhere to KCA code of conduct.

Note: Please send any enquiries to or visit our Facebook Page for updates at