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Kenyan Canadian Association - KCA is a federal not-for-profit organization that seeks to address the issues affecting marginalized Canadians especially those of Kenyan origin, the black communities and visible minorities while assisting newcomers to settle and make a positive contribution in the society as they endeavor to achieve their goals.

KCA also focuses on implementing programs and specifically offering services to newcomers, low-income families, visible minorities and socially-excluded groups residing in Canada to improve their personal well-being and social-economic status.

KCA aims to work collaboratively with organizations and stakeholders both locally and internationally.


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By nature images are not responsive. If you want Images to be Responsive just add class "size-auto" to them and they will re-size to the screen size. We have example of images with Lightbox on them that work with responsive design.

Sample Image

Sample Image

Sample Image

<img class="size-auto" src="image" alt="Sample Image"/>

Image Styles

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Sample Image


Sample Image


Sample Image


<img class="size-auto polaroid" src="Image" alt="Sample Image"/>

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