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Kenyan Canadian Association - KCA is a federal not-for-profit organization that seeks to address the issues affecting marginalized black Canadians and other racialized groups while assisting newcomers to settle and make a positive contribution in the society as they endeavor to achieve their goals.

KCA also focuses on implementing programs and specifically offering services to newcomers, low-income families and other socially-excluded groups residing in Canada to improve their personal well-being and social-economic status.

KCA works collaboratively with organizations and stakeholders through our grassroot network across the country.


Newcomers Information Fair & Clothing Drive held in Toronto

NEWCOMERS IN TORONTO WELCOMED TO CANADA DURING FAMILY DAY WEEKEND North York, Ontario - February 16, 2020 As immigrants continue playing a key role in making Canada strong and prosperous, most Kenyan Canadians and Friends of Kenya in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are celebrating this Family Day weekend by welcoming the recently arrived Newcomers to Canada.

In this effort the Newcomers Family Day and Clothing Drive event was held at Domenico Diluca Community Centre in North York, with the support of Kenyan Consulate in Toronto, organized by Kenyan Canadian Association (KCA), a federal not-for-profit that focuses on implementing programs and offering services to newcomers and low-income families.

The event was attended by over 70 refugees and landed immigrants those from Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia. Among them were 10 families with children. There has been an influx of newcomers to Ontario. This underscores the province’s strong cultural diversity which enriches its social and economic lives and enhancing creativity, innovation and connection to global networks.

The inaugural clothing drive was highly successful with very generous support coming from Kenyan Community and Friends of Kenya from across the GTA which included gift cards which were issued to families with children.

Some of the invited guests included the Humber River-Black Creek Member of Parliament Hon. Judy Sgro whose donation to the clothing drive and goodwill message was delivered by her Constituency Assistant Mr. Mitchell Zarycki. In her message, she noted that the federal government believes that newcomers play a vital role in the Canadian society and she will continue to strongly support initiatives that will facilitate smooth integration of new immigrants in the society. Various community and professional leaders delivered their speeches during the intensive newcomers information session and clothing drive.

The speakers were KCA Directors Mr. Ephraim Mwaura (President), Mrs. Catherine Matimu (Newcomers Settlement), Mr. Raphael Fernandes (Sports & Recreation), and Dr. Charles Muchai Wambulwa (Health). Guest speakers included Tumaini Nurses International President & KCA Toronto Regional Chair Ms. Rosemary Wanjau, KCA Newcomers Settlement Committee Member Dr. John Nderi, Immediate former President of Mississauga-Cooksville Lions Club Mrs. Phoebe Kagumba-Sibanda, Fitashe Grocery Store CEO Mrs. Betty Marete, Kutchi Cultural Association Of Canada President Mr. Farhan Kever, a Mississauga-based Immigration Lawyer Mr. Joshua Makori, Rev. Sue Karanja and Dr. Edith Wambayi. In his speech KCA President Mr. Ephraim Mwaura noted that a Newcomers Fair 2020 will be held in Brampton, Ontario on August 29 and will bring together key stakeholders from across GTA that will help address issues of concern to refugees, landed immigrants and students including how to obtain essential Government Documents and Benefits, Immigration and Citizenship, Employment & Work Permits, Education and Training, Foreign Credential Assessment, English and French Language Classes, Health, Housing, Legal and Social Services, Consumer Information, Personal Finance and Income Tax as well as Shelter, Food and Clothing.

The groundbreaking Newcomers Family Day event was supported by various organizations including YWCA, ROAR Organic Canada, Heart Lake Run, ClimateFest Brampton, Kutchi Cultural Association Of Canada and Fitashe Grocery Store. Family Day is a day to celebrate the importance of families and family life to people and their communities. This holiday is observed in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick on the third Monday of February.

Micro-Grant Youth Project Participants Funded by Canada Service Corps

Rhythms of Change: Shannice Thomas' Transformative Journey with Micro-Grant Youth Program

Shannice Thomas shares her journey on her initiative; Black youth music program during a workshop held on December 2, 2023.


Nurturing Independence: Shania Ramirez's Empowering Journey with Micro-Grant Youth Program

Shania Ramirez shares her journey on her initiative; Empower and educate black youth on self-autonomy during a workshop held on December 2, 2023.

Empowering Voices: Joyce Molale's Impactful Journey with Micro-Grant Youth Program

Joyce Molale shares her journey on her initiative; In their own voices – disrupting anti-Black racism and hate during a workshop held on December 2, 2023.


Empowering Change: Henry Bioh's Inspiring Journey with the Micro-Grant Youth Program

Henry Bioh shares his journey on his initiative; The African Excellence Program for African Youth during a workshop held on December 2, 2023.

Inspiring Tomorrow: Oluwatubi Agbede's Empowering Journey with Micro-Grant Youth Program

Oluwatubi Agbede shares his journey on his initiative; Science outreach program for black youth during a workshop held on December 2, 2023.


Reimagining Africa: Empowering Cultural Narratives and Identity

Mosopefoluwa shares her initiative during the workshop on February 3, 2024.  

Recognizing the importance of preserving cultural heritage, Mosope advocates for Africans to embrace indigenous languages, strengthening ties to ancestral roots and promoting diverse cultures. Mosope's project, "Reimagining Africa," aims to showcase the continent's cultural heritage through a multimedia campaign, fostering global appreciation and understanding. 


Hoops for Empowerment: Malko Young's Basketball Initiative with Micro-Grant Youth Program

Malko Young shares his initiative during a workshop on February 3, 2024.

Dedicated to youth empowerment through basketball, Malko's "Improved Basketball Skills" program enhances participants' abilities in dribbling, shooting, and teamwork. By fostering physical fitness and leadership, Malko's holistic approach emphasizes character development, life skills, and mentorship, promoting confidence, academic success, and community engagement.


Empowering Black Students: Akera Otto’s STEM Access Initiative with Micro-Grant Youth Program

Akera Otto outlines his vision during a workshop on February 3, 2024.

Inspired by a Black student Hackathon he attended; Akera aims to transform their Python 3 program into a user-friendly app. With the grant, they plan to refine the code and hire a computer scientist by November. By January, beta testing will commence at McMaster University. Akera's project aims to empower Black students in STEM, providing vital resources and opportunities.


Cultivating Cultural Connections: Odilia's Community Engagement initiative

Odilia Nkosi shares her vision during the workshop on February 3, 2024.

Inspired by her heritage, Odilia plans to use the grant to organize cultural events like music performances and language classes, as well as a community roller skating night. These initiatives aim to promote cultural preservation and community engagement.



Empowering Sustainable Fashion: Melody's Clothing Swap Initiative with Micro-Grant Youth Program

Melody Vuliye shares her initiative during a workshop on February 3, 2024.

Melody’s project, "The Clothing Swap Initiative," focuses on hosting three clothing swap events across GTA colleges and universities. These events aim to promote sustainable fashion practices and reduce textile waste in the communities. By providing students with a platform to exchange clothing items, Melody and team foster conscious consumption and community engagement.

The goal is to empower youth with affordable, high-quality clothing options while advocating for sustainability and the circular economy. Through breaking financial barriers and encouraging clothing reuse and recycling, they aim to create a sense of community and inspire a greener future.


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