Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Webinar

The objective was to provide expert information to the audience about how they can maintain their physical and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic period. KCA recognized that the community faced challenges resulting from the pandemic including job loss, mental stress of the lock-down and moving to a new country during the pandemic.

The webinar kicked off with a presentation on KCA, its objectives, programs and initiatives by Ephraim Mwaura, the President of KCA. Mwaura also presented an overview and achievements so far under the Canadian Red Cross project which included distribution of grocery cards to 40 beneficiaries from marginalized groups across the greater Toronto area (GTA).

The health director, Dr Charles Wambulwa provided an overview of the health program and the upcoming activities under the program in 2021.

The first guest speaker was Scott McKean, the community development, safety and wellness manager for the City of Toronto, who presented on how the municipal government through his office is working towards community safety and wellbeing strategy through fostering and building strong neighborhoods, promoting equity, advancing skill development and Community engagement. Further he talked about his office’s development of a community safety and wellbeing strategy that focused on transforming the community from reliance on emergency services and start thinking about other avenues.

Andria Barret, a nutrition, and wellness expert spoke about ways to stay healthy and how to tackle colds during the flu season especially during this COVID 19 period as well as boosting our immunity. Her presentation mainly focused the different types of foods and portions required to build a strong immune system, health body and a stress-free mind.

The third speaker was Eve Mpofu, a mental health consultant, that talked about how to cope and stay mentally healthy during the pandemic. It was noted that most people have been affected by anxiety, fear and other mental issues during the pandemic. She provided practical advice on how people can cope such as taking breaks from social media, setting start and end times of work for those working from home, and identifying major stress factors.

The fourth speaker was Joy Chiekwe, a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist, she started by leading attendees on a 5-minute physical exercise before proceeding to talk about how exercise can be used to support healing and use of medicine.

The final speaker was Alia Nasir, a fitness expert and owner of a womenonly gym in Brampton. She provided practical ways to stay physically active at home using furniture such as chairs and stairs and how to use Pinterest and Google to search for east-to-do exercises.

 The Panelists:

  • Scott Mckean - Community Development, Safety and Wellness Manager for the City of Toronto
  • Andria Barrett- Nutritionist and Wellness Expert
  • Eve Mpofu - Mental Health Consultant
  • Alia Nasir - Fitness Expert
  • Joy Chiekwe - Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist Andria Barrett - President, Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Aldeen Simmonds -Thorpe - Certified transformation Business Coach

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