KCA Seniors Program


  1. Healthy ageing
  • Addressing social isolation
  • Mental health and dementia
  • Supporting accessible intergenerational housing
  1. Preventing abuse and fraud
  • Reduction of crimes and harm against seniors
  • Supporting financial empowerment of seniors
  1. Combatting ageism, celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion
  • Promoting labour market participation of seniors
  • Focus on underrepresented or underserved groups
    • women
    • persons with disabilities
    • racialized groups
    • newcomers
  • Promoting intergenerational mentoring and engagement
  1. Improving seniors’ access to government services and benefits
  • Helping seniors navigate access to government benefits
  • Providing support to file their taxes
  1. Adapting seniors to virtual environment
  • by developing and delivering virtual programming, and
  • recruiting and training volunteers to support the social inclusion of seniors

KCA seniors Services and activities include:


  • Food Gift Vouchers
  • Nutritious Foods Supplies
  • Government Services for seniors information
  • Tax filing services
  • Mental Health and Dementia Support



  • Play favourite, fun conversational games and ice breakers
  • Organize Story Telling Activities in which each participant uses their imagination to create fun and interesting stories
  • Social events for seniors


  • Contact religious leaders to perform services for seniors
  • Provide spiritual singing activities, like hymn sing-alongs
  • Meditation or religious scriptures study


  • Get seniors moving with fun exercises
  • Dancing to encourage seniors to move, or supplement regular exercise class with a chair fitness session
  • Schedule weekly walks or more regular outdoor nature walks


  • Reminisce with seniors using photos of well-known people
  • Use reminiscing books that contain common sayings or even nursery rhymes that can spark the seniors recollection
  • Invite seniors to bring their family photos and mementos for a fun reminiscing activity for them to share information about their lives with others

Tactile and Community

  • Plan fun arts and crafts projects that are seasonal or that can be made and given as gifts
  • Recruit seniors to assist with projects, like stuffing envelopes, gardening etc


  • Learn how to use computers and mobile phones
  • Learn how to use social media and communication platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp
  • Learn about Internet and Email
  • Invite speakers to have a conversation with seniors about interesting topics by hosting a monthly Speaker Series
  • Host special how-to class in which you teach seniors something new
  • Schedule interesting documentaries that appeal to seniors interests like an art history video or an animal documentary


  • Appeal to seniors’ senses with visual games
  • Incorporate games that involve different textures
  • Make homemade musical instruments, using plastic bottles and dried beans or rice, for seniors to use during musical performances


  • Take seniors on fun scenic drives
  • Plan trips to local museum


  • Teach seniors how to play musical instruments like piano
  • Schedule musical activities and games
  • Use online videos to share music with seniors


  • Host special events and invite family members
  • Recruit family members to volunteer with some of your activities
  • Use your arts and crafts activities for seniors to make gifts (like Christmas gifts) for their family members


Contact Information

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Telephone: +1 888-448-6225
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National Head Office:
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Brampton Office:
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