Women & Gender Affairs Program

Areas of focus:

  1. Women Settlement Support 
  • Newsletter or brochures to guide on KCA women services 
  • Information sessions - workshops and webinars 
  • Language Support in Swahili – translation of Government documents 
  • Women Shelter Establishment 
  • Collaboration with Newcomers & Settlement Program 
  1. Girl Child Empowerment 
  • KCA Scholarship for Girls to support the College and Universities tuition fees - C$7,500 bursary kitty to support 5 girls from vulnerable families in Canada to access college or university education annually. 
  • Direct Education Sponsorship for Needy Women and Girls. Beneficiaries must Newcomers or Youth between 18 - 35 Years 
  • Girls Mentorship workshops on leadership by mentors role models in the society
  • Collaboration with Youth Outreach Program
  1. Women Economic Security 
  • Uplift women and their children out of poverty and into financial independence 
  • Collaborate with Social Economic Empowerment Program initiatives like Biashara Networking Club & Pamoja Bereavement Fund 
  1. HeforShe  
  • focuses on men and boys inclusion in women and gender equality activities 
  • Collaboration with HeForShe at the United Nations Women and other stakeholders 
  1. Gender-based Violence 
  • Support and counselling for people, and their children, who have experienced violence, that aim to promote violence prevention, or that support systemic change efforts related to gender-based violence.

Contact Information

Kenyan Canadian Association - KCA
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Telephone: +1 888-448-6225
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Website: www.kcacanada.org 
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National Head Office:
226 Bathurst St, Unit 250
Toronto ON M5T 2R9
Brampton Office:
18 Regan Rd, Unit 28
Brampton ON L7A 1C2

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