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Kenyan Canadian Association - KCA is a federal not-for-profit organization that seeks to address the issues affecting marginalized Canadians especially those of Kenyan origin, the black communities and visible minorities while assisting newcomers to settle and make a positive contribution in the society as they endeavor to achieve their goals.

KCA also focuses on implementing programs and specifically offering services to newcomers, low-income families, racialized and socially-excluded groups residing in Canada to improve their personal well-being and social-economic status.

KCA works collaboratively with organizations and stakeholders through our grassroot network across the country.


KCA Appoints Esther Makori as Program Director for Careers, Education & Research

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Kenyan Canadian Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Esther Makori as Program Director for Careers, Education and Research effective June 2021. She will serve for the remaining period of 2019-2022 at KCA Board.

Esther brings a wealth of experience and skills in community service, careers and human resource management. She is dedicated to supporting immigrants, racialized and marginalized groups.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Human resources from University of Toronto and CPA II (Accounting) from Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya.

She is an entrepreneur having successfully established a training and recruitment agency focused on supporting and creating employment opportunities for immigrants, graduates and professionals who are seeking for opportunities to exploit their potential while contributing to the Canadian economy and gaining the ever-needed Canadian experience.

One of her most successful assignments is serving as the President of Umoja Bereavement Association a community-based organization with close to 200 members who are all immigrants for the last three years. She was also instrumental in the formation of Jamii Bereavement Association for new immigrants to Canada.

Previously she worked extensively with the youth serving as a Director for All Nations Pathfinder Youth Club planning and executing youth programs such as mentorship, training and coordinating various other events such as camping and other outdoor activities. She also served as Treasurer for All Nations SDA Church in Toronto for close to 8 years processing donations and managing donor database system.

In her spare time, she runs a resume writing clinic where she helps write resumes for new immigrants and train them on interviewing skills.

You can reach Esther through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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