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The City of Brampton’s Economic Anti-black Racism unit held a virtual information session on October 15 2020, to address and share key information on the role out of Canada’s first ever Black Entrepreneurship program, that was announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in September 2020. This program will involve nearly $221 million to be spent in partnership with Canadian financial institutions to help Black owners and entrepreneurs across the country to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and grow their businesses.

Some of the key panelists were Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown, Liberal MP Greg Fergus who is also the Chair of the Parliamentary Black Caucus, and Brampton West MP Kamal Khera, Senator Colin Deacon, Councillor Charmaine Williams, among others.

The event was hosted by Gwyneth Chapman, Senior Advisor at the newly created Economic Empowerment Social Cultural Anti-Black Racism Unit in the City of Brampton.

The meeting was attended by KCA Officials including Ephraim Mwaura-President; Catherine Matimu- Newcomers and Settlement Director; Fatma Nadhir-Social Economic Empowerment Director; Zainab Williams- Committee member, Social Economic Empowerment and Joshua Makori- Committee member, Social Economic Empowerment.

The meeting focused on the struggles of the black community addressing the already existing problem of systematic racism as it relates to access to entrepreneurship and business opportunities and the acute problem of COVID-19.
MP Greg Fergus mentioned that they are looking to roll out this program within 6 months and are planning to create an Ecosystem where they bring the community together, this is where they will design, coordinate and administer the program. He also mentioned that a knowledge hub will be set up where black entrepreneurs will receive mentorship, getting the foundational help they need from conception of a business idea to a fully successful running business, thus shortening the journey from idea to success. He also mentioned a loan program in which Black business owners will have access to credit and affordable loans Claire Bennet, Director of Economic Development at the city of Brampton mentioned that they have been very active with Black Entrepreneurs and small businesses over the years in Brampton. The Economic Development program in Brampton is known to be a one stop source of resources providing information, education and access to programs. Bennet’s message was that her team is available to help businesses to be engaged, be heard and help them access the funding.

KCA looks forward to engaging the community and identify the entrepreneurs and small businesses that need the resources that will be available and liaise with necessary government regional organizations that will be involved with the roll out of this unique program. It will be our role to ensure that Businesses and Entrepreneurs of African decent are well represented and not left behind.

Report Compiled by:

Fatma Nadhir
Director, Social Economic Empowerment
Kenyan Canadian Association
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Website: www.kcacanada.org


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